GSK Zentel Suspension Albendazol 400mg 10ml
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

GSK Zentel Suspension Albendazol 400mg 10ml

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ZENTEL is a benzimidazole carbamate with anthelmintic and antiprotozoal activity against the following intestinal and tissue parasites: Round-worm (Ascaris lumbricoides), pin-worm (Enterobius vermicularis), hook-worm (Necator americanus, Ancylostoma duodenale), whip-worm (Trichuris trichiura), thread-worm (Strongyloides stercoralis), tape-worm (Taenia spp and Hymenolepis nana only in the case of associated parasitism), Chlonorchiasis (Chlonorchis sinensis), Opisthorchiasis (Opisthorchis viverrini) and cutaneous larva migrans; Giardiasis (G.lamblia, G.duodenalis, G.intestinalis, Lamblia intestinalis) in children. 

Specification & Usage

Adults & children above 2 years: 1 full bottle of 10ml Zentel Suspension. You only need to take this once.
Children 12-24 months: Take half the adult dose.