Vitahealth Fenugreek & Cinnamon Complex 2 x 60 Capsules

Vitahealth Fenugreek & Cinnamon Complex 2 x 60 Capsules

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VitaHealth Fenugreek & Cinnamon Complex is formulated with a synergistic blend of fenugreek-seed extract, cinnamon extract, bitter melon, and 4 other herbs to support healthy blood sugar levels. It helps maintain proper sugar balance and promote healthy cholesterol levels. It uses concentrated, odor-free fenugreek extract which contains 3 times more galactomannan soluble fiber than whole fenugreek seeds and will not leave a residual body odor. Banaba leaf extract improves the effectiveness of sugar utilization by the body cells. 

• 6-in-1 herbal blend
• Concentrated and odor-free fenugreek extract
• In vegetarian capsules
• Made in the USA

Directions: 1-2 vegetarian capsules to be taken daily before meals or as recommended by a physician

Ingredients: Fenugreek seed extract (FenuLife®), Bitter melon extract, Gymnema sylvestre extract, Cinnamon bark extract, Turmeric extract, Banaba leaf extract (1% corosolic acid)