Rosken Skin Repair Sensitive Skin Cream 400ml
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Rosken Skin Repair Sensitive Skin Cream 400ml

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Rosken was started by two Australian Pharmacists who wanted to create a range of products that protect and repair skin. Their goal was to create such a product, whilst focusing on making it affordable enough for anyone to buy. Rosken provides clinically-proven products at a price that everyone can afford.*

Rosken: The Skincare Product to Feel the difference

The Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream will help improve the appearance of your skin by locking in moisture succesfully. The Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream has a mild but effective formula fast-absorbing formula which works miraculously even for sensitive skin. The Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream, enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin E to help protect the skin from daily environmental factors, will leave your skin feeling moisturised, refreshed and boosting skin's health. The Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream hydrates and nourishes your skin gently and prepares for better skin in the long run so that everyone can enjoy natural beauty.*