Diabetasol Milk Cappuccino 180G
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Diabetasol Milk Cappuccino 180G

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Diabetasol is a nutrition supplement specially made for diabetes that can help control blood sugar to prevent complication, yet will provide longer energy to have more active daily life. 

Halal, Vegetarian.

USPs - 

1. Low glycemic index - 31 (vitadigest formula - (mix of slow release carbohydrate and fiber)

2. Balance Nutrition for Diabetes                          

3. High Calcium,              

4. High Fiber,                  

5. Cholesterol Free,    

6.11 vitamins, and          

7. 6 minerals

Allergens - Lactose, Gluten, Soy & Fish

Store in a cool, dry and clear place.

Ingredients - Maltodextrin, vegetable oil , , caseinate, dextrin, whey protein, isomaltulose, inulin, cocoa powder, sorbitol (1.7g/ serving), flavours (chocolate, vanilla), soy lecithin, sucralose (10mg/ serving), minerals and vitamins. (ADI sucralose: 15mg/kg body weight per day).

Usage directions - Add 4 scoops (60g) Diabetasol powder into 200 ml warm water. Stir slowly until completely dissolved.

Country of Origin - Indonesia