Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste 150g
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Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste 150g

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Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste provides 12 Hour Whole Mouth Protection against Bacteria build up for superior oral health.It's unique, clinically proven formula creates an anti-bacterial barrier and provides 12 hour protection for 100% of the surfaces of the mouth, to help prevent common oral problems.
Anti-bacterial protection for teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums vs regular fluoride toothpaste. Teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.

Colgate Total® fights bacteria build-up for up to 12 hours and helps prevent:
- Cavities- Plaque- Gum Problems- Sensitivity- Tartar- Enamel- Staining- Bad Breath.

Product Usage Directions:
Brush thoroughly. Do not swallow. Spit out and rinse after use.Brush at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist or doctor. Control sugar intake. Get a dental check-up at least once a year. Store at room temperature.