Botanicals By L'Oreal Paris Coriander Strength Cure Masque 200ml
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Botanicals By L'Oreal Paris Coriander Strength Cure Masque 200ml

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Ideal for fragile hair.

- Associates 3 Botanical oils: Coriander, Soya & Coconut oils

- Strengthens, revitalises and invigorates weak, thinning hair



A sophisticated scent with light and fresh accents. Coriander leads the way, followed by spicy top notes of by pepper and eucalyptus, taking you and your hair on an aromatic journey! 

A rich, white cream, lush and so light, a genuine touch of kindness to your fragile hair.



Botanicals Coriander Strength Source Hair Mask conditions your hair and leaves it strengthened & revitalized with a fresh invigorating aroma. We believe we’ve crafted the perfect solution to fragile & damaged hair.


Our commitments

- Our Hair Mask is free of silicone, parabens, and artificial coloring.

- Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials (except for the dye) and is as easy for you to recycle after use —make sure you do!


Beauty tips - Apply a knob of Botanicals Coriander Strength Source Hair Mask to your hair, leave it for three minutes while relaxing in its fresh, invigorating aroma; then rinse off.





Strength source – Coriander oil

Bolster your hair from roots to ends. Reduce splitting and breakage

Introducing Strength Source.

Botanicals freshcare brings you a groundbreaking remedy, inspired by traditional medicine and processed through green chemistry. Mixed with the Botanicals freshcare core complex, Coriander oil does make miracles.

Full of nourishing ingredients, this range strengthens damaged hair. A single use of the shampoo and an ultra-light lather gently coats your sensitized hair. Add the mask and the mass of broken hair is significantly reduced. And L’Oreal studies show the potion get an even more significant benefit.

A natural booster for your natural strength… with a light, fresh scent to top it up !

With Strength source, fragile hair will stop breaking easily and blow drying will not be a daily ordeal anymore. Time to resist!