Bio-Life Gymnema & Fenugreek Complex 1069mg 100 Tablets
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Bio-Life Gymnema & Fenugreek Complex 1069mg 100 Tablets

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Gymnema & Fenugreek Complex contains 4 natural herbs, gymnema, fenugreek, holy basil and bitter melon indicated for general health maintenance.

  • Gymnema (Gymnema sylvestre) is native to the tropical regions of India, traditionally used to maintain health
  • Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is one of the oldest medicinal plants, originating in India and Northern Africa. It has been used as a cooking spice, flavoring agent and a medicinal agent.
  • Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum) is a traditional medicinal plant widely known across South Asia and it is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Bitter melon (Momordica charantia), also known as bitter guard, is a vegetable cultivated in tropical areas, including India, Asia and South America. Bitter melon contains several chemical constituents such as charantin. It is traditionally used for maintaining health.


Adults: One tablet 3 times daily with food or as recommended by your physician.


  • Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating mothers.
  • Should be used with caution when taken together with:
  • Herbs such as ginkgo or hypoglycemic medication as it may cause hypoglycemia.
  • Anti-coagulant drugs such as warfarin due to blood thinning effects.
  • Patients should monitor blood sugar levels regularly and consult their physicians before altering dosage.