B.liv Pore-fect complexion
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B.liv Pore-fect complexion

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This kit contains:

1. CC pores away 15ml

2. Deep impact 50ml


1. CC pores away

Smooth like porcelain, dewy like an angel's kiss. That's what naturally perfect skin looks and feels like.

With the effective complexion correction properties, it brings out the natural radiance of your skin to correct your skin’s tone and texture. Finally, you can go with the glow, your inborn glow.



1. Complexion Correcting - enriched with super-fine “tone-matching bead”, the essence from the beads help to neutralize skin tone and correct the complexion in three simple steps.


Main Active Ingredients:

Marula Oil (Sclerocarya Birrea Oil)

Enriched with Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and oleic acid (unsaturated oil, essential oil for healthy skin), helps rebuild barrier of skin, provides in-depth hydration & repair scar, which make it a very high efficient natural oil to help tighten pores.

Brown Algae (Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract)

Extracted from Laminaria Ochroleuca, a natural plant-based UV absorbent as it grows on the sun-exposed coastal area that makes it has the ability to defense from UVA/UVB. It also act on the Langerhans cell for anti-inflammatory properties against sun damage.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Red Algae (Gelidium cartilagineum Extract)

Contains Vitamin E & SPD (Superphyco-D, a marine free-radical scavenger) for anti-oxidant properties. Contains mucin, contributes to instant moisturize and soften the skin layer.


2. Deep impact

Deep pores massage & cleansing emulsion

It’s time to bring your inner beauty out into the world. This emulsion delves deep to expel imperfections to reveal the true beauty of your skin, as it cleanses and massages your face to porcelain perfection. It also gently but effectively exfoliates and clarifies your skin. Your real beauty can now shine inside out. 

• Cleanse pores gently* 
• Promote microcirculation for a healthy-pores skin* 
• Velvety smooth touch of skin* 
• Prevent blemishes and pores blockage*