Appeton Multivitamin Plus Drops 30ml
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Appeton Multivitamin Plus Drops 30ml

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Promote healthy growth Appeton Multivitamin Plus drops is a multivitamins supplement specially formulated for infants 12 months & below to meet their supplement daily requirement in just 1ml (100% compliance to USRDA requirement). It contains a combination of 6 multivitamins, Lysine and Taurine for your baby’s overall healthy growth & prevention of nutrition deficiency.

Benefits Vital multivitamins helps promote overall infant healthy growth & prevention of nutrition deficiencies. Lysine helps to improve appetite, promotes muscle growth and weight gain.

Taurine helps to support healthy development for optimum growth potential. Product comes with a glass dropper with measurement for better hygiene, accuracy and convenience to the user.

Who are recommended to take Appeton Multivitamin Plus Drops? Infants from 0 to 12 months. Infants who frequently fall sick. Infants who lack appetite and do not have sufficient intake of milk, especially during teething or when they fall sick (wind colic, common cold, flu..etc). Infants who refuse to take milk or are allergic to infant formula. Breastfed infants. Preterm infants.

Direction for Use 1 ml per day for infants (0 to 12 months) Can drop directly on the tongue, or mixed with milk, juice or liquid food. Or use as per directed by physician. Ingredients + This is a supplement product advertisement KKLIU 1658/2018 MAL 20031768 X