Amaxmall Avia Organic Coconut Oil Baby Care 120ml
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Amaxmall Avia Organic Coconut Oil Baby Care 120ml

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-Great moisturiser for baby's skin
-Soothes nappy rash
-Promotes baby's hair growth
-Reliefs itching
-Great massage oil for babies

Coconut oil is the new “It oil” and there are numerous health benefits of Coconut oil for babies. Look for organic, 100% raw coconut oil because it has the vitamins, anti-oxidants and enzymes intact and will provide the myriad of health benefits. Discover some ways you can use coconut for your little one.

Diaper Rash: The oil is the perfect way to treat diaper rash naturally. Instead of using talc or ointment after diaper changes, use coconut oil only- that is enough of a protective layer and it’s chemical free to prevent diaper rash. The oil acts as a natural antibacterial barrier and prevents any further irritation, and it will nourish and heal the irritated skin.

Cradle Cap: Newborn infants often experience cradle cap, which is a fungal scalp condition easily treated at home using coconut oil.