A. By Bom Ultra Purely Eoseongcho Cleansing Water 500ml
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A. By Bom Ultra Purely Eoseongcho Cleansing Water 500ml

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The pH-balanced water cleanser removes all types of impurities and gives hydration. The ultra-simple makeup removal from the base through point makeups. You can now easily cleanse even the most stubborn makeup. All you need to do is just preparing a single cotton pad. It is a convenient pumping-type cleansing water that can effortlessly remove any makeup residues, impurities, sebum and fine residues inside pores. Ultra Purely Eoseongcho Cleansing Water has special base water. It contains Biomimetic Fluid Tears that is similar to the tears of our body, allowing delicate and safe cleansing. Houttuynia Cordata extract, that clears the skin provides clean and refreshing skin care.
Experience the clear and luminous skin with radiance by a simple cleansing.


Soak a cotton pad by pumping the cleanser and gently wipe along the skin texture. Gently press the pad for 5~10 seconds on the parts with point makeup and wipe.


1. You must stop using the product when the use of the product causes side effects. If you continue to use it, the effects could be worsen and you should consult a dermatologist regarding them.

2. Please do not apply this cosmetic product on the wound and the damaged skin due to eczema and dermatitis.

3. Directions for treatment and keeping

  • Close the cap after use.
  • Keep it out of infants or children's reach.
  • Don't keep it in the place where the temperature is extremely hot or
  • low and exposed to the direct sunlight.