21st Century Eyebright Complex 30 Capsules

21st Century Eyebright Complex 30 Capsules

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This natural herbal formula is to improve eye health, visual function, relieve eye fatigue, eye strains, and improves eye health.

Each capsule contains :

LUTEIN - An antioxidant from the carotenoid family, which consists of naturally occurring fat-soluble pigments in plants. It is the main carotenoid found in the retina. It also protects the retina against sunlight damage. May help decrease eye muscle degeneration.

BILBERRY - Enhances night vision. It also helps the eye to restore visual acuity faster following exposure to bright flashes of light. Improves retina sensitivity.

EYEBRIGHT - A traditional herb used to maintain healthy eye metabolism and is particularly valuable when combined with synergistic eye nutrients.

GINKGO BILOBA - Improves blood circulation.

Dose Recommendation: 12 years and above take 2 capsules once a day after meal.