21st Century Chewy Dha 45 Pastilies
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

21st Century Chewy Dha 45 Pastilies

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DHA is brain food. It is an important component of retinal membranes, nerves & brain. DHA is vital during the early stages of a child’s life when its brain, eyes & nervous system are undergoing rapid development. The greatest dependence on dietary DHA occurs immediately after birth and continues until the child attains the age of 10 years. It is during this period that the rapid formation of the brain occurs.

Children who are less than 8 years old require at least 60mg DHA daily and children who are more than 8 years old require at least 90mg DHA daily. Each pastille is packed with 30mg of Omega-3 fatty acids rich in DHA with no fishy taste, smell, or aftertaste. With apple flavor which your child will love! Each Pastille contains: DHA 7.5mg; EPA 1.5mg; Omega 3 21mg

Children 3 years and older: 1 pastille a day
Children 5 years and older: 3 pastiles a day
Children 13 years and older: 6 pastilles a day

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