Vitahealth Ginkgo Biloba 1000mg 60 Tablets

Vitahealth Ginkgo Biloba 1000mg 60 Tablets

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VitaHealth Ginkgo Biloba is specially formulated with high-strength Ginkgo biloba leaf extract to promote healthy blood circulation. It is standardized to contain ≥24% ginkgo flavone glycosides and ≥6% terpene lactones. Flavonoids, the antioxidants found in ginkgo biloba are known to strengthen capillaries, promote healthy blood flow to the whole body. It also supports normal blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and minimizing platelet aggregation.

Product Features:

  • High-strength – formulated with 119mg ginkgo biloba leaf extract
  • One-a-day formula
  • Natural herbal ingredient for blood circulation

1 tablet to be taken once daily after food or as recommended by a doctor or pharmacist.