Appeton Multivitamin Optigrow Plus 60 Tablets

Appeton Multivitamin Optigrow Plus 60 Tablets

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Help formation of bones & teeth Appeton Multivitamin Optigrow Plus Tablets is a dietary supplement fortified with Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium to help children achieve optimum physical growth by supporting healthy bones and teeth development. It comes in a white chewable fruity-flavored, star-shaped tablets.

Benefits Vital multivitamins help promote overall healthy growth & prevention of nutrition deficiencies. Calcium supports the development and maintenance of strong healthy bones and teeth, which are critical for physical growth needs and achieving full potential adult height. Vitamin D and Magnesium helps to promote calcium absorption and retention to support physical growth development.

Recommended for Children from the ages of 1 to 12 years old, children who are stunted or relatively short compared to other children of their age. Children who dislike dairy products (eg: milk, cheese, yogurt..etc) or food rich in calcium. Children who are lactose intolerant. Children going through milk teeth change to permanent teeth.

Direction for Use Children 1 to 8 years old: 1-2 tablets daily Children 9 years old & above: 2-4 tablets daily Or as per directed by the physician.